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USEtox Summer School 2021

Event date: 
7 June 2021 to 11 June 2021
Professionals: 1800 Euro | Students: 300 Euro (Fellowships for low-income countries available and can be applied for)
Event details: 
4th USEtox Summer School Modelling human and ecosystem impacts with the consensus model USEtox: Theory and practice [ Virtual event ]
Registration: <registration is closed>
All institutions and companies are invited to co-sponsor the USEtox Summer School - the key deliverable is to train experts and practitioners in applying and further developing the global scientific consensus model USEtox and its near-field extensions for consumer exposure for application in LCA and other comparative risk and impact assessments. If you are interested to co-sponsor the USEtox Summer School, please contact the USEtox Director.
Impressions from the first USEtox Summer School in 2019 in Singapore
USEtox Summer School 2019 - Happy course participants
USEtox Summer School 2019 - In the class room
USEtox Summer School 2019 - Singapore view