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Atmospheric degradation rates

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Atmospheric degradation rates


The organic substances database manual state that "the kOH is multiplied with the [OH]" ([OH]=1,5E6 molecules/cm3 per 12 hrs daylight). Does that mean that the kDegA (s-1) is calculated by taking the estimated (when no experimental data are available) overall OH rate constant (cm3/molecule-sec) times the [OH] as it is (i.e. radical formation only during daylight and assuming a 12 hrs daylight period) or should the calculation extrapolate the 12-hrs OH-concentration to a 24 hrs day? If so, how should that be done?


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Degradation rate constants in air

Whenever using EPISuite estimated degradation in air, there are two ways to obtain the degradation rate constant in air based on the hydroxyl radicals reaction:

  1. Start from the overall OH rate constant, multiply it by the OH concentration in air and divide by a factor of 2 to reflect degradation during a 12 hours/day period. Example for CAS 100-00-5: 1.714E-13 [cm³/mol-OH/s] x 1.5E+06 [mol-OH/cm³] / 2 = 1.3E-07 [1/s]
  2. Start from the half-life and convert it to a rate constant including unit conversion from day to second. Example for CAS 100-00-5: LN(2)/(62.39 [d] x 86400 [s/d]) = 1.3E-07 [1/s]