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Availability of experimental data

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Availability of experimental data

Dear USEtox team,


I was wondering if the data avilable in the file "USEtox_results_organics.xlsx" is to be considered as the experimental value for the corresponding property and chamical? e.g (emmision to cont. rural air)


I didn't manage to get my question ansered through the documentation, so I hope you can help me.


Thank you in advance

Kind regards

USEtox Team
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USEtox input data

The USEtox substance-related input data used for each chemical are provided not in the results files, but in the substance database files (USEtox_substance_data_organics.xlsx and USEtox_substance_data_inorganics.xlsx in USEtox sub-folder "InputData"). Here, you will find for each chemical, which experimental or estimated data have been used for each parameter.

Input data preferences and used sources for substance-related data in USEtox are fully described in the USEtox Documentation, Section 4.2.2.

John Eggers
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I had the same question thank

I had the same question thank you for asking.