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Dissipation rate in plants

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Dissipation rate in plants

Dear Usetox team,


do you know what would be the best place to find our data from 'Dissipation rates in different plants'? Is there also a calculation formula to apply data from one plant to another?

I try to add new compounds to the Usetox and thus searching data of some chemicals (only pesticides).

Thank you for your answers!

Best wishes



USEtox Team
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Dissipation from plants

Data on dissipation hal-lives from plants are found in a database published in 2013 (Fantke and Juraske 2013), from which reference dissipation half-lives have been derived in Fantke et al. 2014 (see details and a half-lives calculator at, with additional data found e.g. in the PPDB.

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