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Exposure factor for Cr

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Exposure factor for Cr


we are going to assess the XFind for Cr, using the analyzed data about the concentration of Cr in pork - Csub (by INAA method), can we use this formula for BTF measurement:

BTF = Csubstrate/Ichemical 

USEtox Team
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Biotransformation factor (BTF)

When using your own measured data, it is correct that the BTF can be applied as:

BTF [d/kg pork] = concentration in pork [kg chemical/kg pork] / chemical intake rate of animal [kg chemical/d]

The BTF can then be used to derive a BAF for e.g. water intake as:

BAF [l water/kg pork] = BTF [d/kg pork] x intake rate of water [l water/d]

Finally, BAF is then used to arrive at the XF for pork ingestion as described in eq. 131 of the USEtox documentation.