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Generic plant uptake model

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Generic plant uptake model



I would like to have some information regarding the generic plant uptake model used in USEtox.

Is there a reference?

Why BAF values for air to above ground produce are set to 0 for inorganics?



Andrea Paulillo.

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I have found the reference

I have found the reference article.

However I am wondering if there is any plant uptake model for inorganics.

USEtox Team
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Plant uptake for inorganics

For organic chemicals, USEtox considers transfer from soil to below-ground and to above-ground plant parts. For organic chemicals, USEtox also considers transfer from air to leaves in the vapor phase and transfer from air to leaves through particle deposition (both wet and dry) from air.

An air-to-plant surface deposition model for inorganics was not available that was mature enough to be integrated into the consensus model USEtox, but there are several models for uptake into plants avaialble and whenever it can be agreed that one of these models can reach broad consensus, the particle deposition model to capture the transfer of particle-bound inorganics to plant surfaces in USEtox will be adapted.