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Help to understand program

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Help to understand program

Hi, i am new here and was assiged a homework in the university:

4) расчет в ЮЗЕтокс переноса веществ (акриловой кислоты) для твоей страны

My teacher is asking me to calculate in USEtox the transfer of acrylic acid for my country. 

is there any tutorial i can see or instruccons? i dont understand how the program works. is it possible to calcualate that for a country?

USEtox Team
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USEtox documentation

For understanding how USEtox works, please have a look at the full USEtox documnetation and manuals. USEtox calculates fate factors, exposure factors, intake fractions, effect factors and characterization factors for global average emission situations as well as for parameterized continental and sub-continental average emission situations.

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