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Marine Ecotoxicity Characterisation Factor Implementation

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Marine Ecotoxicity Characterisation Factor Implementation


I am wondering the reasons behind why the USEtox model only calculates ecotoxicity CF values for the freshwater environment. The model USES-LCA 3.0 is able to calculate CF values also for the marine enviroment (and for soil). 

Is there a future plan to implement this in an updated version? (I don't see it mentioned in the "forseen updates")
What are the main challenges to implementing this?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

USEtox Team
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Marine and soil terrestrial ecotoxicity in USEtox

When USEtox versions 1 and 2 were developed, only freshwater ecotoxicity characterization was considered mature enough for implementation in the global scientific consensus model USEtox, mainly due to missing experimental effect information (see also Rosenbaum et al. 2008). Already then, marine and soil terrestrial ecotoxicity characterization was considered an important aspect to be considered in USEtox in a future update (see Hauschild et al. 2008).

Based on this recommendation, a follow-up consensus process under the auspices of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiativev was implemented, resulting in the evaluation of state-of-the-art approaches and data for marine and soil terrestrial ecotoxicity (see Fantke et al. 2018 for details). As a result, a framework was agreed at the resulting Pellston workshop for characterizing marine and soil terrestrial ecotoxicity (see the Life Cycle Initiative website for the related workshop recommendations report). These recommendations are currently being proposed for formal implementation into USEtox. An internal and external review process will evaluate these recommendations and, if accepted, they will be implemented into the next public release version of USEtox. More about the USEtox update process can be found here.