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parameters in exposure factor calculation

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parameters in exposure factor calculation

I am working on exposure factor of nanomaterials (e.g. carbon nanotubes). Recently, there are no reported values for Kp, Kdoc and BCFfish.

According to the USEtox manual, these values can be estimated from Kow as following: Koc = 1.26 x Kow^0.81; Kdoc = 0.08 x Kow; BCFfish = 0.05 x Kow. I want to know that whether this approximation is used for the calculation in USEtox or not and whether this approximation can be applied for my exposure calculation or not.


Thank you very much.


USEtox Team
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Exposure factors for nanomaterials

Thank you for your question!

The abovementioned formulas mentioned (Koc = 1.26 x Kow^0.81; Kdoc = 0.08 x Kow; BCFfish = 0.05 x Kow) apply to equilibrium partitioning of neutral (hydrophobic) organic chemicals. We, therefore, advise against using them as such to describe interactions of carbon nanotubes with solid surfaces. As it currently stands, USEtox should not be used to calculate charcterization factors of nanomaterials. However, a USEtox version capable of handling nanomaterials is in preparation. Meanwhile, we think it could be intersting to look at the method of Meesters et al. (2014) as starting point for evaluating nanomaterials.