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Terrestrial ecotoxicity

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Terrestrial ecotoxicity


I would like to know if USEtox now includes terrestrial ecotoxicity or if there is a way to approach it (for example with CTUe in continental agricultural soil?).



USEtox Team
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Terrestrial ecotoxicity

USEtox does currently not include characterization factors for terrestrial ecotoxicity.

To adapt the current USEtox version for terrestrial (soil organism) ecotoxicity, a possible starting point would be the currently implemented freshwater ecotoxicity factors, where the ecosystem expsoure factor would have to be adjusted for the adsorption to the different soil constituents.

Alternatively, terrestrial (soil organism) ecotoxicity could use the work of Owsianiak et al. 2013 and Owsianiak et al. 2015 as starting point, which outlines the approach for selected cationic metals.