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User input for emission to agricultural soil(C)

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User input for emission to agricultural soil(C)
I am going to study the use of Atrazine herbicide (CAS No. 1912-24-9) for growing sweet corn and estimating the emission residues in agricultural soil (kg/day) throughout the life cycle of sweet corn to assess human health impact and ecotoxicity by using the USEtox model
I have a question about how to use the model. After I import the database and add emission data to agricultural soil (continental), assuming to add 1kg/day in user input (as in the picture I attached) and try to run the model to consider human health impact and ecotoxicity for Atrazine and consider the results in column "Results" but when I try to change the emission to agricultural soil data to 100kg/day and run the model, I get the result without any changes (both fate factor, intake fraction, effect factor and others).
Do I misunderstand about input data or how do I fix it?
Many thanks in advance
USEtox Team
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Interpreting USEtox factors

Characterization factors (impact/kg emitted) from USEtox are normalized per emission unit; with that, USEtox results are independent of the emitted amount, in line with LCA calculation steps. Hence, all underlying factors in USEtox are also independent of the emission amount, including fate factors (kg in environment per kg emitted/d), intake fractions (kg intake/kg emitted), and effect factors (impact/kg intake). For each substance, thus, USEtox results will be the same, regardless of what emission amount is used. Characterization factors are multiplied per emission compartment by the emission amount to yield impact scores, which depend on both emission amount (LCI result) and impact potential (i.e. characterization factors as LCIA result).

The additional table in USEtox sheet "run", range W18:AA31, is included to calculate for a given emission scenario the average concentration in the environment. Since concentrations depend on both, fate factors and emissions, we included a column to insert emission amounts here (range W18:W31), but it will not affect any other USEtox result.

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