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Calculation of CF inter-species

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Calculation of CF inter-species

I cant undertsand how did you calculate CF inter-species. For, example, in database for organic substances all CFs are different for rats (e: acetaldehyde - 5,60344827586207, propylene oxide -4,48275862068966 etc). What does it depend on?
Thank you in advance

USEtox Team
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Interspecies toxicity

Effect factors for humans are extrapolated from animal ED50 that are different between animal species and chemicals. More information is found in Rosenbaum et al. 2011 and the animal species-specific extrapolation factors along with a step-by-step description of how to obtain human toxicity effect factors from  species-specific ED50 are given in the USEtox Manual.

If you have more questions regarding the basic application of USEtox and the different calculation steps, please consider to attend an official training or maybe a specific training for your purposes. For more information, please contact the USEtox Manager.