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Calculation of Kpss, Kpsd

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Calculation of Kpss, Kpsd

I have difficultes to find the information about
1)Partitioning coefficient between suspended solids and water and
2)Partitioning coefficient between sediment particles and water

Can you advice some way to calculate these coefficients if no any information is available.
Thank you in advance


USEtox Team
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Partition coefficients for metals

In USEtox, Kpss and Kpsd are only provided  for  cationic  metals. The calculation procedure of  these parameters is further described in Dong et al. (2015) and references cited herein. In USEtox, we have currently no recommendations of how to calculate these parameters for other inorganic substances, but you might find more information in the publications of the International Atomic Energy Agency's Handbook of Parameter Values for the Prediction of Radionuclide Transfer in Terrestrial and Freshwater Environments or in the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol for Hazardous Waste Combustion Facilities.