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Characterization and fate factors of USETOX 2.0

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Characterization and fate factors of USETOX 2.0


I have been trying to find the characterization and fate factors of USETOX 2.0, similar to the excel file in the supplementary material of this publication:

What is missing in the current version is, for example, the indoor air emissions updated in version 2.0. 

Is there such a document?

Thank you in advance

USEtox Team
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USEtox results

The latest public release version of USEtox is always found at In each release version of USEtox 2.x, results (fate, exposure, effect, and characterization factors) can always befound in the "Results" folder after unzipping the downloaded ZIP archive.

It is recommended to refer to the release version that is effectively used (e.g. USEtox 2.12) directly.