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Emission to environmental compartments

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Emission to environmental compartments

Dear USEtox team,

I am currently researching on the effects of using atrazine herbicide on growing corn throughout the life cycle by considering the emission to agricultural soil using the USEtox model. I have a question related to my previous question.

I have confusion about user input "concentration culculation" in the "Result" column (as the picture attached). I am not convinced with the environmental compartment that is required in the USEtox model. What does it mean between
1) Amount of atrazine application to grow sweet corn (kg/day) used in agricultural soil or
2) Amount of residue of atrazine in agricultural soil (kg/day)
Thank you in advance for any help you could provide.


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USEtox Team
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USEtox emission compartments

USEtox factors for emissions into environmental compartments (e.g. continental agricultural soil) are all given per kg emitted. Hence, to calculate concentrations in the additional table in USEtox sheet "run", range W18:AA31, refers to kg emitted/day.

This table is not suitable for back-calculating concentrations of chemicals in crops. For estimating crop residues and related concentrations in harvested crop components, please have a look at the underlying dynamiCROP model, which provides residues per kg applied or per kg emitted into the crop environment (see for details).