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Calculation of ED50 inh

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Calculation of ED50 inh

While using the USEtox user interface (USEtox version 2.0), i faced with a problem. It doesnt calculate ED50 inhalation properly, it doesnt take into account the inhalation rate, and thus  ED50 inh and ED50 ing are calculated in the same way.
Thank you in advance for your comments

USEtox Team
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ED50 for inhalation exposure

The USEtox 2.0 user interface calculations of ED50 for all included exposure routes (i.e. inhalation and ingestion) are correct.

ED50 is used to calculate effect factors for human toxicity and hence independent of  the inahalation (or breathing) rate, which is considered in calculating the exposure factor for humans. For information how the exposure factor is calculated please see Rosenbaum et al. 2011 and for further descriptions of human exposure and human effect factor calculation steps and data please see the USEtox Manual.