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Time-dependent CFs for metals

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Time-dependent CFs for metals

Hello USEtox team,

I would like to distinguish the LCA of my temporal LCI over time (currently the metal emissions are calculated dynamicall). How can I determine the LCIA in USETox? At least if the model is steady state, is it possible to parameterize the CFs, as if it has different values?


USEtox Team
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Dynamic USEtox

To apply time-dependent characterization factors for metals (or other substances), the environmental fate dynamics in USEtox need to be modeld as function of time. For this purpose, a dynamic version of USEtox, consistent with the steady-state version and fully matrix-based, has been developed and is currently being tested. This version will be released soon along with a short article describing the mathematical framework of the dynamic version. Once the testing phase is finalized, the dyamic version of USEtox will be formally released at

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