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The use of ecotoxicity result

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The use of ecotoxicity result

Dear USEtox team.

I have a question about the results of an ecotoxicity assessment: PAF (potentially affect fraction) of PDF (potentially disappeared fraction of species). How can I compare whether the effect on freshwater ecotoxicity is "high", "medium" or "low" because I have been studying only 1 chemicals, therefore cannot compare with other substances. Does USEtox have a criteria or toxic rating?

Thank you.

USEtox Team
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Ranking of chemicals in USEtox

To evaluate whether the ecotoxicity characterization factor for a single chemical is high or low, you can compare it with respective factors for all substances that are already implemented in USEtox. In the file "USEtox_results_organics.xlsx", for example, you find all pre-calculated USEtox characterization factors for >3000 organic substances.

Igor Terrarossa
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Total ecotoxicity

how can I determine the total ecotoxicity characterization factor to be included in the LCA analysis software?

USEtox Team
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Implementing characterization factors

All characterization factors offered through the formal USEtox model are already implemented in all major LCA softwares. Note that you cannot aggregate compartment-specific characterization factors - aggregation can only be done at the level of impact score, i.e. after combining compartment-specific emissions with their respective compartment-specific characterization factors.