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» Update Procedure

Proposals for updating USEtox and/or for submitting data for inclusion into USEtox can be submitted by any user.

The USEtox team intends to regularly publish updated versions of the USEtox software, updated and/or newly characterized substances, as well as updates to model inputs and outputs. Corrections affecting existing characterization factors that are found to be potentially erroneous will be made once per year (corrective updates). Updates based on data, scientific and technical progress that affect existing characterization factors will be made at the maximum once a year, while updates adding new characterization factors, but not affecting existing/published characterization factors can be made anytime (progress-based updates).

Further information is given in the full Update procedure document.

Please use this Update proposal submission document to fill in with your model/data update proposal and use the form below to submit the file to us.

Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: doc docx xlsx gz zip tar.gz.
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