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About USEtox Team

The USEtox Team is a core team of international researchers (see figure) from the Task Force on Toxic Impacts (TF LCIA 3) under the auspices of UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative.

USEtox Team

The aim of the USEtox Team is to provide a scientific and technical rationale to the comparative assessment of chemicals based on their impacts on human health and on ecosystems (as applied in life cycle impact assessment and comparative risk assessment). The USEtox Team thereby aims at

  • creating and maintaining a model for calculating characterization factors for human toxicity and ecotoxicity impacts,
  • increasing the availability and quality of characterization factors for use in life cycle impact assessment and other comparative assessment contexts for all kinds of chemicals,
  • disseminating the developed USEtox model and characterization factors through the organization of user workshops, training courses, and demonstration projects (see Events),
  • contributing to create international consensus on the principles for comparative assessment of chemicals.

The USEtox Team is a non-profit organization.