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Effect factors for inhalation and ingestion of metals

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Effect factors for inhalation and ingestion of metals

I am trying to find effect factors (cancer and non-cancer) used in USEtox for inhalation/ingestion of following metals (Lead, copper, cadmium, chromium and nickel) but not been able to find them. The model documentation page says that it is under development. Could you please help me locate them. 

For example in case of lead (CAS# 7439-92-1), I checked Huijbregets 2005b paper but here the column for inhalation non-carcinogenic effect factor is empty. However USEtox still provides non-cancer characterization factor for  lead emission to air to be equal to 9.44E-03 CTUh/kg. Which effect factor has USEtox used here?

USEtox Team
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Metal effect data

Thank you for your question!

Please have a look at the manual database inorganics for where the data actually come from. Non-cancer effect data are taken from the WHO and USEPA ( More information is also given in Rosenbaum et al. (2011).