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Charakterization factors benzene

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Charakterization factors benzene

Working with USEtox I noticed that the USEtox results of benzene does not conform with the characterization factors USEtox published in a list though substance-specific input data already was given. How could it be?

Where can I get a current list of USEtox characterization factors?

USEtox Team
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Selection of human toxicity characterization factors in USEtox

Thank you for your question. Please - for subsequent posts - state the model/data base version and publication that you refer to.

Assuming that by "USEtox results" you refer to the file "USEtox results organics", version 1.01 and assuming that by "factors published in a list" you refer to the appending file of Rosenbaum et al. (2008), characterization factors are indeed different. This has to do with small updates that are incorporated every now and then and tracked by the version number of model and data bases.

Hence, we recommend to only use the most current model and factor data base version available and stated as "Current Release Version" on the USEtox™ website (, since this version contains the most up-to-date data and results.