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Advice needed for my results

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Advice needed for my results


for my Bachelor-Thesis I used the USEtox-method for the first time, even though in  a very basic manner (e.g. HTP=CF*mass). The calculation was easy, but I have actually no idea how to construe my results or what they 'mean'. Now I hope to get help here, to make sense of my data, as the manual did not answer my questions..

I had to calculate the human toxicity and the ecological toxicity of textile waste water for Cr and Cu. For Cr (m=0,00000749kg) I calculated 5,5E-10 [DALY] and 29435,7 [PDF*m³*day] and for Cu (m=0,00001926kg) it's 1,2E-5 [DALY] and 92833200 [PDF'm³'day].

Are those values for human toxicity and ecotoxicity big or small? What can I compare them with? What does it actually mean to have "0,000012 DALY" or nearly "30000 PDF*m³*day" ???

Any help would be much appreciated =)

USEtox Team
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USEtox results interpretation

In the official USEtox Documentation, there is a specific Section 2.2 explaining "Characterization factors: Quantification and units" and a Section 3.3 dedicated to "Interpretation of USEtox intermediate and final results". In short, only when comparing human toxicity or ecotoxicity results across the various chemicals included in USEtox, it can be evaluated whether a single chemical's result is "high" or "low" according to its rank.