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Water degradation

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Water degradation

Hello again,

now I got stuck on the water of course, but I read this time at least the instruction:

Based on ultimate degradation estimates with Biowin and converted to degradation rates following Episuite suggested relationships.


Does this mean the value from EPIsuite on Biowin3 (Ultimate Survey Model)?

For P-HYDROXYBENZOIC ACID this value is 3.0382 weeks, and reversed that becomes 5,44E-07 which is very similar to 5,34836E-07 in the database...


The soil and sediment seems easy at least :)
Thanks again,


USEtox Team
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Degradation in water: converting half-lives into rate constants

Thank you for your question. This question was already stated in post "What is the relation between kdeg (s-1) and half-life (days/hrs)?"

Please find the answer to this question in the corresponding reply in that post.