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Why certain substances are not included?

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Why certain substances are not included?

Hi! I was just wondering as I am about to calculate the CFUe for Prothioconazole, why it has not already ben included among other organic chemicals in USEtox? It is used as a very common fungicide, at least in Sweden. My question is if it is mainly due to lack of time or if it is hard to find data on it? Just out of curiosity.

USEtox Team
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Substance coverage in USEtox

Thank you for your question.

First, we assume you are referring to Comparative Toxic Units for ecotoxicity effects (CTUe).

The substance coverage in USEtox is basically restricted by the availability of underlying physicochemical, degradation, and toxicity data. Further information is given in Rosenbaum et al. (2008) and Henderson et al. (2011). For the case of prothioconazole, suitable data were not available upon implementing the current USEtox version in the respective databases listed in abovementioned references. However, whenever you are able to determine new data sources and therefore can calculate new characerization factors, you are very welcome to use our update proposal form (see to suggest inclusion of the new data into the next USEtox version.

Kind regards,

The USEtox team