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Substance-specific input parameters

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Substance-specific input parameters

I would like to get to know what the most substance-specific input parameters are about and why they are chosen to be necessary for calculating.

Do I only have to fill in certain gaps? How are these parameters linked?

What would you suggst me to do if I did not find such important parameters? Would it reduce the quality of my results?

USEtox Team
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Understanding substance-specific input data in USEtox

Thank you for your question.

The official USEtox™ User Manual provides basic information needed to understand and apply the USEtox™ model, i.e. to calculate midpoint characterization factors for human toxicity and freshwater ecotoxicity. This manual also provides the information of which parrameters must be entered in order to obtain characterization factors. Other parameters can be added to make the outcomes more representative for a specific case. If nothing is entered, a generic value is applied.

For further information please see Rosenbaum et al. (2011) for human toxicity and Henderson et al. (2011) for freshwater ecotoxicity.